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Mon Mar 19 09:49:11 UTC 2012

Jeff Davis <jrd1415 at gmail.com> asked:

>> http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/How-to-Become-the-Engineers-of-Our-Own-Evolution.html?utm_source=smithsonianfuturism&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=201203-futurism

>From the article:

> "...Transhumanists say we are morally obligated (sic) to help the human race
> transcend its biological limits..."
> How many agree with this?  The moral obligation part.  

I strongly disagree that transhumanists are morally obliged to 'help' people do anything they don't want to do!  There are lots of people, even transhumanists, who don't want to transcend biology.

What I think we /may/ be morally obliged to do, is to do what we can to ensure people have choices to improve themselves in whatever ways they want, provided they aren't harming other people.

As far as any obligation to 'the human race', that is for each individual to decide.  Transhumanists as a whole are not morally obliged to do anything with regard to it.

Ben Zaiboc

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