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Below is the latest information from Mike Treder's sister regarding his

It took a local Detroit Fox news report to get the Detroit Police and FBI
to finally take an interest in the case.  Please take a look at both.




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Mike's sister:

We know now that Mike had room service for dinner Wed night and breakfast
in the Doubletree hotel Thursday morning. His phone has been going straight
to voicemail since at least Friday and there have been no calls received or
made out since Wed evening when he called Marianne to tell her he'd arrived

The last email Mike sent from his account was on Tuesday evening to his
pregnant daughter. There's nothing in his email that points to anything

All his stuff was in his hotel room except his cell phone and laptop, and
(I'd think) whatever clothes he was wearing. Mike was strange sometimes but
they'd probably have noticed if he left the hotel naked.

The news coverage served to get the police involved and in fact the Detroit
Chief of Police called me today to say that they will be doing everything
they can to find Mike, including working with the FBI. Hopefully with their
resources we'll be able to resolve this.


J. Hughes:

The one big mystery is what he was doing at a high school science fair that
he wasn't speaking at or judging. My suspicion is that he was following a
job lead since he had been looking for work. If we can figure out who he
was meeting then we might get more detail on where he would have been.
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