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> What about "We are morally obligated to make all humanity to transcend?"

This makes me think, btw, of Egan's Diaspora scenario, where earth is
inhabited by different posthuman cultures, including one kind or another of
an uploaded polis, robotic ones, genetically-enhanced communities, even a
few who have made use of technology to relinquish anthropomorphic

At a point in time, a threat is discovered that is going to sterilise the
earth for good, and if my recollection is good, at least some of those who
were not part of an uploaded polis are forced to upload - something which
may well correspond to murder in their own view - out of some "moral
obligation" to do so.

Now, this squarely falls in the *humanist* perspective, which has been
dominant in the West for some 1,500 years now, that implies the existence
of eternal, but above all universal and "objective", values that are the
reflection of the mind of God or of some thinly revarnished secular avatars
thereof, such as "natural law".

Stefano Vaj
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