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On 19 March 2012 19:07, Ben Zaiboc <bbenzai at yahoo.com> wrote:

"spike" <spike66 at att.net> asked:

> Unrelated question:  Whenever Jesus found himself in a moral or ethical
> dilemma, would he ask himself, "What would I do?"

This, btw, is a classical example of the unnerving imprecision of modern
English. -- Stefano Vaj


On the contrary, it is an example of a nerving precision of modern English.
Note that Jesus did not speak modern English, but rather 16th century
English, with all its thees and thous, and of course the ever popular ye,
which entertains the kids to no end.  They keep it up until you want to
throttle the lot of them.  What I meant was, he might say, "What would I do,
if I were me, in this situation."  Of course he eventually realized that he
was he, in that situation.  Hilarity ensued.  This is thought to have been
what was going on when he uttered the comment in John 8 verse 58, ".before
Abraham was born, I am."


Hey Stefano, you are from Italy, you should know all this.  Don't you
Italian guys have some kind of big religion thing over there somewhere,
what's it called, the Sixteen Chapel or something?  I Have never been there,
but I hear they have several thousand dollars worth of paintings on the
ceiling alone.





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