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>.Damning in favor of pesticide.TWO bees who both had the disorder somehow
WALKED together to a random place.  What, were they on a date?


Not unless they were lesbians.  Neither were drones.


>.In fact, can bees even direct others to locations without waggle-dancing? 


Ja, read on:


>. It seems to me that a bee which cannot fly has no hope of navigating.
The most plausible answer would have to be that the bees were directed to
the flowers, ate some bad shit, and got a case of the no-fly-ies.


The bees are going nuts, because everything is in bloom.  The pollen was so
high I could scarcely talk Monday.  One of my son's classmates passed out
from what we think was an allergic reaction.


>.HOWEVER.  We also have to ask how those bees knew how to get to the
flowers in the first place.


Eeeverything is in bloom, no waggle dancing required.  It is a very bee-ey
month.  Or is it beey?  I perhaps could adverb it and say it is being beely
pollinated outdoors today, a beeish yard I have, the beeity is high indeed.


I got a great additional clue today, which I will reveal when I get home.




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