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>>.Damning in favor of pesticide.


>.I got a great additional clue today, which I will reveal when I get


I went to talk to the neighbors where I found the dying bees, see if I could
wheedle out of them what they are spraying.  I noticed that along with their
lavenders, periwinkles, tulips and other decorative annuals, they also had
several rose bushes and I have no idea how to express that sentence without
sounding gay.  Roses are a ton of work if you want them to produce nice
flowers, along with a lot of sprays to control the aphids.  Surfactants
alone are usually not enough, so you usually need some of the more sincere
pesticides, which is why I took out my own roses.


Perhaps the homeowner sprayed the roses, and the bees came for the other
flowers and got in that rose spray, but I can calmly assure you I am as
hetero as John Wayne.



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