[ExI] The NSA's new data center

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 15:51:16 UTC 2012

2012/3/28 Dave Sill wrote:
> It's not dead yet. And we may well be better off without it, but the process
> of getting there is going to be painful, and not just to those whose place a
> high value on their own privacy.

The latest shock-horror is employers demanding the Facebook logons of
prospective employees, so that they can be vetted before getting a job

And the Republicans say that's just fine with them.
Republicans shoot down proposed ban on Facebook login boss-snoop

Facebook and Goog+ have been insisting that people must use real names
so that advertising can be targeted at them via their life history

So...... people cannot even make up two signons, one for 'public'
personas for employers, teachers, mother, police, etc. and one for
'private' contacts. This means that on Facebook and Goog+ people must
always behave in a fashion suitable for employers , teachers, etc.
No more private friendly banter for you!


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