[ExI] shelf life of drugs

spike spike66 at att.net
Thu Mar 29 03:39:05 UTC 2012

>>... On Behalf Of David Lubkin
>Mike Dougherty wrote:
>>destroyed TONS of drugs ?!?  drugs that might have otherwise been
effective?  >it seems wrong.

>...It is. See, for instance,


>...Even if they have reduced efficacy, they may be good enough...-- David.


Before you guys get too wound up in this meme, keep thinking about the
astonishing wastefulness, not just in expired drugs, but in nearly every
single aspect of modern life.  If you really think it over, you will see
everywhere around you so many examples of needless waste, the notion of
throwing out perfectly good expired medications will pale in comparison.  

The first, and likely biggest for most of us is the one I have pounded on to
gross excess in this forum, the ape hauler sitting in your garage right now.
It is absurdly oversized, overweight and overpriced for what it does the
majority of the time.  Before you dismiss it with a shrug, think of how we
could do that task better than we do, a loooot better, way better.  

We have a set of expectations that developed during a time when oil spewed
from the ground under its own pressure.  A that pressure dropped, we somehow
forgot to change our expectations.

Wasting medicine is bad, but keep in mind that we are surrounded constantly
in waste, immersed in systematic routine waste.  Wastefulness is all around
us, invisible to us because it is always there, in plain sight, and has
always been there.  I urge we all stop, look around and think about it,
early and often.


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