[ExI] shelf life of drugs

David Lubkin lubkin at unreasonable.com
Thu Mar 29 12:35:21 UTC 2012

Spike wrote:

>Before you guys get too wound up in this meme, keep thinking about the
>astonishing wastefulness, not just in expired drugs, but in nearly every
>single aspect of modern life.  If you really think it over, you will see
>everywhere around you so many examples of needless waste, the notion of
>throwing out perfectly good expired medications will pale in comparison.

Not if your life includes pills that cost you $20 apiece, and you're
told you should throw them out unnecessarily.

And we have a lot of steam. We can be wound up about lots of
things at the same time. We are Tik-Tok; wind us up and watch
us go. (Remember all three keys though.)

>The first, and likely biggest for most of us is the one I have pounded on to
>gross excess in this forum, the ape hauler sitting in your garage right now.
>It is absurdly oversized, overweight and overpriced for what it does the
>majority of the time.  Before you dismiss it with a shrug, think of how we
>could do that task better than we do, a loooot better, way better.

The literally biggest wasting for humanity is the high fraction of solar
output that is squandered. Other big wastes are unused intellect,
death, statism, and tyranny. I'd rather dismiss ape haulers with a
shrug, and think of how we could do every task better then we do.

And my ape hauler sits quietly in my driveway, and doesn't think up
new ways to interfere with my life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

(Unlike that evil 1973 Plymouth Fury, which did find new ways every
day on my way to Livermore across the country. Hmn. Stephen
King's "Christine" was also a Fury, and he was writing the novel
the very days I was driving "Amelia" west.)

-- David.

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