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>>..  Dare we hope that armed conflict will gradually fade away?  

>.I believe that the US started what? Eight or ten wars after the end of the
Cold War and once the "end of conflicts" had been announced?


Depends on how you define the term "started."  Of all those I think you are
talking about, the wars had already started a long time before the US showed

>.So, I am inclined to believe that the lack of toy weapons, battle games,
etc. amongst contemporary children, are largely dependent on a cultural
climate ... Stefano Vaj


Ja, and it could be that weapons have changed a lot.  For instance, we
played with rifles and "hanger-nades" neither of which have much role in
modern battle, for their range is far too short.  We seldom get that
up-close and personal now.  Today the most important war weapon has become a
computer.  I can easily see this trend continuing.  Anything that can be
identified as a weapon, such as a missile battery, a tank, armored or
motorized artillery, any of the usual battle gear, can be attacked from a
safe distance by a drone with a relatively small but highly effective
explosive.  The weapon is wrecked, the uninjured warriors stand around in
arbitrarily large numbers, as harmless as kittens.


Dare we hope armed conflict will fade?  I think now think so.





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