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Gina Miller ginakathleenmiller at gmail.com
Tue May 8 02:59:53 UTC 2012

Nanotechnology Industries is proud to present the first episode of the
NanotubeTV series. NanotubeTV is a monthly series about
nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is an emerging technology that is on the
nanoscale which is at the atomic level. While in it's current state it is
used to enhance products, for example shoes that repel water - in it's
future state it has the potential to create cures for all diseases, clean
up nuclear pollution, repair the ozone layer and provide food for all.
NanotubeTV will cover the history of nanotechnology, current news and the
future applications. Nanotechnology Industries was formed in 1998 by long
term nanotechnology advocate Gina Miller, famously nicknamed Nanogirl. With
an interest in both art and science Gina Miller has had her nanotechnology
animations shown on the History Channel, documentaries and television
shows. Gina Miller had the vision for NanotubeTV years ago and this year
the vision came to fruition when she began filming in her newly created
production studio. She asked Dr. James B. Lewis to be the host of the show
as he has 25 years experience as a molecular biologist and has been
involved in the nano community since it's onset. NanotubeTV will be
available free online. Watch the  first episode of NanotubeTV (any many
more to come)    at www.nanoindustries.com.

Fellow Extropians, I can't make these without you, so I thank you ahead of
time for your support! Gina
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