[ExI] self driving cars

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Wed May 16 07:47:02 UTC 2012

On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 6:11 AM, spike wrote:
> Eventually: way fewer accidents.  Robo-cars do not get distracted, they
> don’t text, they don’t get drunk or stoned, they don’t get pissed off and
> aggressive.  They just drive, faultlessly.  It isn’t that hard to do really.
> What else?  This is your chance to peer into the future and record your
> musings for future generations to ridicule or marvel at your wisdom.

Robo-cars will in future connect to Google maps and traffic reports to
work out the best route.
Traffic jams will be reduced along with fuel consumption. Cars could
safely drive closer together and even form high-speed 'convoys' on
freeway trips.

Taxi drivers, truck drivers, chauffeurs, *all* drivers will be unemployed.

Traffic control personnel will be unemployed. Cars won't be used in
crimes any more as the police could just command the getaway car to
stop, or the other nearby robo-cars to surround it and bring it to a

Most accident repair shops will close down - more unemployment.

Mostly people won't own their own car. They will just specify their
journey, number of people, luggage, etc. and an appropriately sized
vehicle will turn up on schedule and deliver them to their

Eventually people will be banned from driving on public roads as being
just too dangerous.

Motor sport will dwindle away as it is much less interesting without
the spectacular crashes. And will humans really want to spend the day
racing each other when a robo-car can come along and beat all their
lap times and show them how it should be done?

Google Street View will be updated almost instantly as every robo-car
will have a street view camera. So viewers will see the world as 'now'
instead of a 3-year old picture.

People generally just won't travel nearly as much. The cruising for no
reason will disappear as you won't be doing the fun driving. Going to
look at the scenery will be done through Street View and your 60 inch
TV. You won't be going to fetch the groceries - just ordering via
computer and the robo-van will deliver them. Tele-presence will also
reduce the need for travel.

Maybe the peak oil problem won't matter so much if people gradually
stop needing to use oil at the same time as oil supplies gradually
reduce and become more expensive.


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