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Sat May 19 20:20:15 UTC 2012

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spike (or maybe it was really someone else!) wrote:

Ja it was someone else, and I disagree in principle with the notion.  Read
on please.

>> ...maybe even the computer could be smart enough to say, "These two 
> people really should talk, I'll arrange a ride for them, and even 
> propose a topic for discussion"... it could be a really good thing.
Author unknown

>...This remark really made me blink.  And think.  And go pale.  Ben Zaiboc


Me too.  The whole notion in self-drivers is to keep the individual car with
all its advantages.  Social interaction should never be compelled by
controllable influences.  They carry too much risk, including things we
don't think about much today: communicable diseases.  I am thinking not of
the venereal diseases my earlier posts on this topic may have brought to
mind, but rather antibiotic bred superbugs.  Another thing I am thinking
about is a problem I have persistently seen on the local public transit:
homeless people use them as temporary sleeping quarters, a safe, warm
rolling bedroom.  Whereas I sympathize with their need for that kind of
thing, it is a very expensive and ineffective use of public funds.  Charging
fares doesn't really help: a city bus is the cheapest hotel around.  I see
this as an example of an intractable problem with city buses, and would like
to see them parked, even if heated and used as stationary homeless shelters.
They contribute to additional risk to microcars and bicycles as well as cost
the taxpayers a lot of money.

Self-drivers are the way.


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