[ExI] deutschland reportedly building a nuke every three minutes...

spike spike66 at att.net
Sun May 27 16:33:14 UTC 2012

Germany produces solar energy at a rate of “22 gigawatts of electricity per






We who know our engineering units get a smirky smile at the expense of
Reuters.  We know what they meant, but instead of saying the solar plants
produced a peak of 22 gigawatts, or 22 gWatt hours per hour, it came out a
little goofed.  A gigawatt is a billion newton meters per second, so if they
really were producing 22 gigawatts per hour, that would actually be
expressing an acceleration, 22 billion newton meters per second per hour,
the equivalent of building 20 nukes per hour, which would be a most
remarkable accomplishment.  


OK so it is a little engineer’s joke.  


No wonder we techno-geeks never were invited to many parties when we were in
college.  {8^D


Congratulations Germany, meine freunde!  


Wenn ich nicht in den US leben könnte, denke ich, dass Deutschland meine
zweite Wahl eines Landes sein würde. Australien und Kanada würden für
drittes binden.


der schpike 

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