[ExI] trustee for reanimation trusts

david pizer pizerdavid at yahoo.com
Sun May 27 17:29:10 UTC 2012

There has been discussion on various chat rooms about whether the Reanimation Foundation is taking new members or not.
I do not know the answer to that  but I can tell you that the Society for Venturism is willing to act as trustee for any cryoncists reanimation trust.  
The Venturists are the trustee for my personal trust.  A copy of that trust is on our website at venturist.info - feel free to use that trust or any ideas from it if you are making your own trust to "take it with you."  Be sure to run YOUR final version by your attorney.
Anyone who wants more info on this subject can ask questions at the coming Cryonics Conference in Mayer Arizona next weekend or ask them in this chat room.
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