[ExI] Bringing new life to dead matter

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Yes, this is what I have come to believe.  God is omnipresent, but not so
omnipotent.  The universe is God trying to conceive of a brief moment of
enlightenment during the big bang. ;)

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> You folks may not give it any credence but years ago I had a Satori
> experience where I was shown the universe as a whole. In this vision, the
> universe was an organism and all matter and energy was connected in a
> system that was evolving. This organism had the ability to think, to
> reason, but was not capable of imagination. We were the process of
> evolution, this organism "dreaming" about what having imagination will be
> like. So, I suppose my point is, thinking of the planet as a conscious
> being is thinking way too small. What if WE are the universe's thinking
> organ?
> As for the nuke issue... I have been saying H3 for years now...
> --
> "A rational anarchist believes that concepts such as ‘state’ and‘society’
> and ‘government’ have no existence save as physically exemplified in the
> acts of self-responsible individuals. He believes that it is impossible to
> shift blame, share blame, distribute blame... as blame, guilt,
> responsibility are matters taking place inside human beings singly and
> nowhere else. But being rational, he knows that not all individuals hold
> his evaluations, so he tries to live perfectly in an imperfect world...
> aware that his effort will be less than perfect yet undismayed by
> self-knowledge of self-failure."
>                 -- Professor De La Paz from The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress
> by Robert Heinlein
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