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Mon Oct 1 16:55:40 UTC 2012

On 27 September 2012 15:52, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:

> Ja, Charlie, actually I disagree with your premise.  If the US news majors
> had that footage, they would run it repeatedly, and would sell hamburger
> advertisement on it.  News agencies survive on this sort of thing.

Indeed. Heck, for Hiroshima bombing US media did not refrain to provide
stuff to the general public, even though the mid-term consequences were
more horrifying than Allied or German bombing in Europe during WWII.

> What I find puzzling is that there is a truly legitimate protest-worthy
> practice happening on a regular basis, the robo-bombing, and yet they get
> all tangled up protesting that which is really harmless as a kitten, some
> silly boring video that no one saw until they called attention to it.

I think this is actually a "modern" distortion. The Koran does not say that
killing the children of the faithful in their bed is a minor sin in
comparison with blasphemy, and indeed the Arab nationalists of the 70s,
while sometimes engaging in "terrorist" acts, were pretty secular, and were
not much fonder of their traditional than they were of, say, their alphabet
or gastronomic traditions...

Stefano Vaj
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