[ExI] riots again

Tomaz Kristan protokol2020 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 6 09:50:31 UTC 2012

So you don't agree with this Charlie Stross' quote:

> It's as if *nobody at all* had studied the history of previous military
interventions in Afghanistan. By which I'm not just talking about the
Soviets; it's like nobody had heard of the Anglo-Afghan Wars, much less the
grisly fate of General Elphinstone's Expedition during the 1842 Retreat
from Kabul -- the worst defeat ever inflicted on the British Empire.

> It's just an all-around Bad Place to Go. Always has been. Even Alexander
the Great had second thoughts about trying to occupy Afghanistan.

You do, or you don't?

(Don't mind my English, and don't be annoyed, just give me a direct answer,
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