[ExI] arc offering free issue

Tom Nowell nebathenemi at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Oct 7 11:18:34 UTC 2012

So a few months back those good folk at New Scientist started up an online quarterly called Arc which is sort-of future oriented, with futurology articles and speculative fiction. I couldn't be bothered spending my pitifully low cash reserves on a copy, but they have offered issue 3 free online (well, I got emailed by them and I've managed to get a free copy, who knows how long this offer is for or if it extends outside UK).

Now, these online e-zines - I couldn't get the google play link to work, so I signed up for zinio and started reading the issue through their software. As with many e-zine readers, I find it a little clunky and hard get the zoom level right, but it's not bad. There's some fiction, Neal Stephenson talking about interactive games, some general ranting about civilisation going down in flames - when I finish reading it I'll write a proper review.

Arc's website is www.arcfinity.org

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