[ExI] Off topic or on? Group about Cryonics and Beauty, or not?

spike spike66 at att.net
Mon Oct 8 04:29:46 UTC 2012

>... On Behalf Of Ben Zaiboc

>...So, no more talk about robots, space-based solar power, uploading,
M-Brains, space elevators, existential risk, maths, physics, biology,
philosopy, politics, sociology, bees, ants, computing, fiction, futurology,
psychology, religion, logic puzzles, cosmology, and frickin' laser beams?

>...Ben Zaiboc


The extropy list has always been intentionally open-ended as opposed to the
more rigorously controlled, closely moderated and focused groups, some of
which were formed as specifically focused spin-offs from extropy.  About ten
years ago we had for a while a group who discussed mathematical special
interests.  That was cool.  We had a focused extropy astronomy group too,
both of which had about a dozen participants and lasted a few months.  There
was another one we still don't discuss openly.  In all three of those cases,
the subject matter was strictly controlled.  On the main list, we have
always intentionally kept it open to subjects only vaguely related to

I used to hang out on the MENSA groups back in the mid 90s, and they did
something kind of similar: had a main discussion group, which was all over
the map, and a bunch of focus groups.  For some time, I was under the
mistaken impression that ExI was a MENSA spinoff group, but they didn't seem
to know of us, and had surprisingly little interest in what we were doing
over here.  So eventually I quit hanging out there.

Regarding the openness of the main ExI-chat list, I see no compelling reason
to change it.  Other thoughts?


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