[ExI] Off topic or on? Group about Cryonics and Beauty, or not?

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Spike wrote:

The extropy list has always been intentionally open-ended as opposed to the
more rigorously controlled, closely moderated and focused groups, some of
which were formed as specifically focused spin-offs from extropy.  

Where can we find a list of Extropy focus groups?


You don't find it James, you create it.  If you have a particular topic
which you don't know is Extropy related but you think several posters here
might be interested in, post it, see if you get a critical mass of about a
dozen, then create a subgroup, offer to post the results once a week or so
in digest form on the main list.  Approximately every four years we could
sustain an ExI-political science group.  I have been thinking of sparing the
main list my periodic rant about verifiable elections for instance.  I may
decide otherwise, but the old timers have heard it all before.  Actually
this time I have some new material and additional mathematical rigor, thanks
to the statistical analysis paper someone posted.


Create, James!






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