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>...You know, of course, that the UK doesn't have a First Amendment right...

BillK, you lads should get one.  Actually you need some second amendment
rights before you have a chance at having some first amendment rights.

>...There are many things people are not allowed to say in public.
Recently people have been jailed for Facebook or Twitter comments.

Oy vey, we saw that.

>...Even the US First Amendment right has considerable exceptions...

Ja, but not blasphemy.  That one is still welcome.

>...Just try inciting to terrorism in public, for example.

Ja, this explains why these guys are trying to establish that blasphemy *IS*
terrorism.  Apparently these gentle lambs are terrified by cartoons and
videos, TERRIFIED.  But I want you to imagine a scenario where the US
legislature attempted to impose a restriction on blasphemy.  First thing you
know, the Christians would start to think that their religion is an actual
religion as well, and claim the right to have no defamation of their
prophet.  Then the Jews, then the Zoroastrians, and you know that I will get
in line, claiming that I as an ultra-orthodox pagan deserve freedom from all

Pretty soon, the atheist crowd will realize that they are often said to
worship nothing.  So they can rightfully claim that now no one can say
anything bad about nothing.


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