[ExI] Bruce Klein

David Lubkin lubkin at unreasonable.com
Fri Oct 26 19:11:30 UTC 2012

Bryan replied:

>I think the stolen money from singinst is more disturbing. In 
>comparison, this was harmless fun.

That is certainly a disturbing phrase. I hadn't heard about that.
Again, can someone sketch out what happened, privately or here?

Max replied:

>I can confirm this story, but don't have many additional details. We 
>were shocked when this news came out. Bruce had seemed to a decent 
>and likeable fellow. Exactly what led up to this is still unclear. I 
>recently spoke to someone from Longecity (formerly Immortality 
>Institute), who said they were considering bringing him back in some 
>limited way, in recognition of his past major work there and with 
>the hope that reconnecting may help rehabilitate him from whatever 
>explains this criminal behavior.

Pulling back, across the years we've seen dubious conduct from
people who were for a time integral members of our community
or simply crossed our paths. Some of whom reached mainstream
prominence. Whose intersection with us can be discerned by a
Google search. (I have several names in mind. Which, were I to
enumerate, would put this message into those search results.)

The answer, I suppose, is to grow to sufficient numbers that
we are not tarnished by the actions of any one person, however
notorious. But history has shown where even a movement of
millions was considered suspect because of one or two people.

-- David.

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