[ExI] Bruce Klein

Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Sat Oct 27 17:06:13 UTC 2012

David wrote:

>Pulling back, across the years we've seen dubious conduct from people who
were for a time integral members of our community or simply crossed our
>Some of whom reached mainstream prominence. Whose intersection with us can
be discerned by a Google search. (I have several names in mind. Which, 
>were I to enumerate, would put this message into those search results.)

>The answer, I suppose, is to grow to sufficient numbers that we are not
tarnished by the actions of any one person, however notorious. But history
has shown 
>where even a movement of millions was considered suspect because of one or
two people.

I am saddened by Bruce's situation, and feel deeply for his family.  

There have been seen several others known to us in the transhumanist
community who have meltdowns.  Many of us have a family member or friend who
suffers from psychosis or addictive behaviors and know how distressing and
damaging it can be. 

Having worked at the Home for Incurables, I witnessed many types of
psychological and physiological issues that were disturbing; yet,  I saw
those who are sweet and kind regardless of their situation. Where it becomes
extremely uncomfortable is when a person's behavior is vindictive - and I
have witnessed this as well.  In a state of psychosis, the person may not be
responsible for this behavior; but who is to know.  Which is the real
person? The one who is manic and vindictive or the one who is on meds?  

One of the hardest things to do is to pull back when a person is being
psychologically (intentionally) hurtful and out of line with reality (as it
suggested by sociologists and psychologists, etc.).  It does no one good to
feed the illness with avoiding it or being blind to it. Here a co-dependency
doubles the problem of the person who suffers, rather than actually helping
the person.

Anyway, this is a topic close friends and I have discussed with sincere
concern and it is one that I have no answers for yet.


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