[ExI] [names in subject line]

David Lubkin lubkin at unreasonable.com
Wed Oct 31 00:51:36 UTC 2012

Spike wrote:

>  Thanks Mike.  We have been extremely open minded about so many things posted
>  here, but do put yourself in the shoes of the guy whose name is in the
>  subject line.

There have been incidents where a thread began with someone's
name in a subject line and drifted into something they wouldn't
have appreciated having been mentioned in the same breath.

But this thread hasn't drifted particularly.

I don't see how someone's name in a subject line should be
any more unacceptable than someone's name in the body of a

I don't see how a thread about him is inappropriate. We're not
gossiping about rumors. It's about the admitted misconduct of one
of our own. He pled guilty to criminal acts that we'd all agree are
malum in se.

And I can think of at least five other people in our community
whose conduct -- on-list, off-list but in the >H world, or in public
spheres -- was controversial enough to warrant discussion,
which did take place here, naming names.

If this list shouldn't be the place for such topics, perhaps because
its archives are public, there should be a private one where it
would be appropriate.

-- David.

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