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spike spike66 at att.net
Wed Oct 31 02:02:26 UTC 2012

>... On Behalf Of David Lubkin
>...Subject: Re: [ExI] [names in subject line]

Spike wrote:

>>...  Thanks Mike.  We have been extremely open minded about so many things

> posted  here, but do put yourself in the shoes of the guy whose name 
> is in the  subject line.

>...There have been incidents where a thread began with someone's name in a
subject line and drifted into something they wouldn't have appreciated
having been mentioned in the same breath... -- David.

Ja, that was why I didn't say anything until now: it stayed on topic.  But I
will be out for a few days and I could see how this one could easily turn
into something even a wrongdoer shouldn't have his name to-attached.

>...But this thread hasn't drifted particularly...

Granted, and I consider it fair game so far.  I will leave it to your
collective judgment: if you really think a name should be in the subject
line, I won't call a foul on it or toss anyone in the bit bucket.  I don't
like it, but there is plenty of stuff written in this forum that I don't
like, and it is within the agreed-upon guidelines.  I like having an open
list, with suggestions rather than rules.  I recognize that philosophy has
its costs, but also its benefits.

Carry on, lads!


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