[ExI] Hurricane Sandy

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Wed Oct 31 14:41:06 UTC 2012

On Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 4:17 AM,  Charlie Stross
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> The energy density of a hurricane is staggering, and it's driven by humidity and temperature gradients over an area the size of a sub-continent. It's not immediately obvious that we can do anything about this short of large-scale geoengineering to reduce global energy inputs. (It's not "global warming" so much as "global absorbing-more-energy-in-a-dynamic-system", resulting in wilder fluctuations and more extreme weather events. Such as Sandy.)

There are two approaches here.  One is to run down the CO2 in the air.
 It seems to be possible to end the use of fossil fuels while making
us all much richer in a couple of decades.  I have rattled on about
various approaches for years and finally hit on one that's not hard to
hard to analyze early this year.  Offered to send list members the
paper that went off for peer review, but there has been very little
interest here.  (Offer is still open.)

The other one, one that takes much the same space transport hardware
to get started, is sunshades in L1.   Google for Robert Kennedy III
and Dyson Dots to find it.  Robert is an old friend and the approaches
are complimentary.


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