[ExI] Let's stop lowering our IQs.

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Both. There is far too much ill educated conspiracy out there but Fluoride isn't something I personally want to ingest daily.
Who gains from fluoridation ? 
Im not convinced it is a secret effort to dumb down the populous per se, most are plenty dumb enough already, its probably a bonus side effect. I do think that fluoridation is a small part of the ongoing plan for population reduction. Or rather to allow the population to reduce itself. "Im just going to put these nooses up here and if you are too stupid, crazy, thrill seaking, immoral to avoid walking into one and hang yourself, well thats just 21st century natural selection". .....(whistles and walks away).

We are surrounded by such nooses. Drink, drugs, smoking, food, dangerous sports, prescription meds, dangerous sexual practices . Reduction on the most part seems to be voluntary, but a few things such as nuerotoxins in the water which have effects like inhibiting sex drive and lowering fertility. Well they might be a useful thing to put in the water. Its not like governments have any aversion to deliberate chemical experimentation on the public is it.

Taking the tin foil hat off for a moment. I have previously stated that I am an advocate for Eugenics in theory. However I have always failed to see a morally acceptable method of population control other than not reproducing or informed choice suicide. That in mind I can easily imagine how some slightly more enthusiastic eugenics believers may see a random set of life shortening traps or infertility bombs set for the unwary as a morally arguable solution. How can they be blamed for people not educating themselves and avoiding such dangers? TBH Compared with some of the overt projects we have seen in recent history for the "greater good" it seems kind of tame.
I wonder what Kissinger is up to these days?

*Plausible* certainly not busted.



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I'm interested in the viewpoints of this list, on this topic.

Is this conspiracy quackery...or is Fluoride something we should fear and avoid.

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