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On Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 11:28 PM, spike <spike at rainier66.com> wrote:

>> ...Hey do you guys play Luminosity?  ...  These games are a kick!

Perhaps no worse for you than any other games.  Playing them doesn't make
you smarter (as advertised) -  it makes you better at playing their games...

Ja I ignored the usual advertising silliness.  This is an important point
however, since I am training my son in how to do well at standardized tests.
I was always good at that, and it caused the schools to waaaay overestimate
my intelligence.  There is a special technique involved, just as in any
sport.  A friend always gives me a Mensa desk calendar every year, with one
question of the day.  After a little practice, you definitely learn their
pace, how they ask questions.  I have been doing those for 14 years.  I
definitely got smarter at their tests.

>...I'm sure you could have found these, but... for your convenience:

both are about brightness, one involves proven science.  :P


Ja OK I missed the missing letter, thanks, Lumosity.   I feel smarter
already, thanks Mike.  {8^D  LUMOSITY it is you play.

I wonder if chess players would do better than others at that reproduce the
matrix game?  I got up to 10x10 in that, but could only sustain at 8x8.  I
managed 9x9s several times, but seldom messed up on 8x8 and couldn't do
10x10s more than twice in a row.

Anyway I had fun.


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