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On 25 February 2013 03:18, Anders Sandberg <anders at aleph.se> wrote:

>>.OK, maybe I am terribly European here, but that argument sounds pretty
crazy to me. How many people regard their ability to buy guns more important
than seeking treatment if they can?

>.I suspect several paranoids would. But, hey, they can seek a black-market
solution for either, ending up with eating their cake and having it to. :-)
Stefano Vaj 




Many points in one sentence, Stefano, thanks.  


Black market for guns: of course, it is already that way.  Passing more laws
regarding gun ownership is mostly useless because criminals are the ones we
don't want in possession of guns, but criminals don't follow laws.  


Regarding black market for health, an anonymous psychology clinic is not
black market, because they aren't dispensing medications.  I see no problem
here: we should have anonymous psychology clinics.  The idea is so obvious,
it must exist somewhere.


Regarding paranoids, what that is all about is that the US has this absurdly
outsized military establishment with aaallll thoooose guns and aaallll those
drones with missiles aboard and aaalll the nukes; it is a ferocious force
indeed.  It is controlled by the authority found in the constitution.  As
soon as a US government starts to do anything that looks like it might be
rattling the cage that defines its legal boundaries, then yes, it represents
danger to the US and the entire planet in the form of a vast powerful
military that could get loose, going forth under its own will, destroying
anything in its path.  What we have now is a government proposing to take
away citizens' constitutional rights based on mental health, in addition to
criminal activity.  But I see nothing in the constitution that would allow
that.  Ja, the yanks are watching that with a microscope.  We risk ending up
in a situation where the mentally ill lose their constitutional rights, and
mental illness is defined as anyone who questions the government's actions
based on constitutionality, and that awesome force of the US military is out
of control.





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