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Sat Jun 1 16:50:28 UTC 2013

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Subject: Re: [ExI] 23andme again

On Sat, Jun 1, 2013 at 4:23 PM, Gina Miller wrote:

>>... I sent my DNA out a couple weeks ago - what did your results tell you?

>...That's a very personal question!  :)

Hey, that's my favorite kind of question.

>...Spike won't tell you if they found alien DNA.  :)

I'll tell, they did find it.  Specifically illegal alien DNA.

>...I feel there is still an element of astrology-style analysis going on,
i.e. Results in general terms that could apply to many people...

This I will know soon.  Reason: they give a list of people who are genetic
matches and who have consented to allow other 23ers to see.  I did this too,
even giving my real name.  Hey I have been an openness advocate, so it is
time to put my genetics where my mouth is.  

Yesterday I initiated contact with a guy who I think is a fourth cousin in
an ancestral line that interests me.  I have done the genealogy from census
records and I do know from shinola on that particular line.  If he answers,
I will know more.  Problem: he is 90 yrs old, and I don't know if he is an
email user or if he gets his messages off of 23AndMe.

I will continue to contact fourth and closer cousins, see if I can verify if
this cheapy DNA sequencing really works.

>...They won't want to get sued for giving specific wrong information that
ruins someone's life.  BillK

Ja, looks to me like 23 has indemnified themselves, by stressing repeatedly
that this is a research project rather than a medical diagnosis tool.  They
give you (if you want to view it) the information on the genetic markers
that increase risk for Alzheimers and Parkinsons.  Thank evolution and that
caveman way back there, I escaped having the markers on both of those bad
guys, whew.


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