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>>.This came up about a year ago, but I don't recall the details.  Who here
has done anything with 23AndMe?  I just got my results back yesterday and it
has blown my mind. spike

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>.I sent my DNA out a couple weeks ago - what did your results tell you?


Gina "Nanogirl" Miller





Hi Nanogirl!  We have missed you, pal!


Regarding my results, I am still trying to digest it.  More later, after I
figure out what I am looking atwardly.


>. what did your results tell you?...nanogirl


Well for starters. that I am a goddam caveman!  But that this is a good
thing.  Perhaps.  Depending on how one views it.  I am busily learning what
it means that I have so much Neanderthal DNA, but now I know why my
great^974 grandfather had that reputation: he was always slipping away for a
little fling with that sly little Cro Magnon trollop, that's why.  Of course
that trollop is, um, technically. my. great^974 grandmother.  But still.


What I was hoping is to find others who are high Neanderthals.  I am 99th
percentile in that.  My friend who talked me into doing 23AndMe is 96th
percentile.  I was hoping some of the cavemen on ExI would share their
Neanderthal percentages, so we can derive some kind of wild-ass theory on
that.  We could go on the Mensa site and see if we have 23ers there who
would share their Neanderthal percentages.


Idea: we could get a high-Neanderthal percentage singles group together.
Then we encourage the highest N to copulate with the highest N, the
offspring form their own group, repeat, until we eventually in a few
thousand years, breed new Neanderthals!  We could even give them some cutesy
name, such as Neonderthals.  {8^D  It would be like taking a group of cur
dogs and selectively breeding them to produce wolves.


I sent my 23 my spit kit on 3 April and the results were ready on 30 May, so
about 8 weeks it took them to call me a caveman.  Oh by the way Gina, you
and I may be distant cousins.  23 found over 900 genetic matches, including
one who I think is a direct descendant of the man for whom I named my own


Any other Neanderthals present?  If so you are among friends.



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