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I sent my DNA out a couple weeks ago - what did your results tell you?


Gina "Nanogirl" Miller




Hi Nanogirl,


What I found so far is a bunch of third and fourth cousins, nearly a
thousand of them.  I learned where one genetic line came from in Germany,
learned the names of a buttload of relatives, all common northern European
names with one oddball exception that was right up at the top of the list:
Reffitt.  I don't know any Reffitts, never heard of the name.  When I saw
that, I remembered your comments from about 15 years ago, when you said you
were trying to find people with the name Barwarth or Barwart or Barworth or
some reasonable variant of that.  


Gina your personal journey of self-discovery and root searching was so good
and so well written, I have carried it around in my memory to this day,
including the unusual name and its variants, which I still remember without
looking it up.  I don't remember all that many details from the 90s, but I
remember that very clearly.  It has been a long time and you are among
friends.  Do feel free to share what has happened in your life since then.
We are all cheering for you.







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