[ExI] 23andme again

Anders Sandberg anders at aleph.se
Sat Jun 1 20:05:39 UTC 2013

On 2013-06-01 19:20, spike wrote:
> Low risk in every area except one, in which my risk is elevated by a
> factor of about 8, damn.  But it was a good trade-off for being lower
> risk for Alzheimers.

Exactly: not all risks are equal - we multiply the probability by a 
different loss value for each of them. And being X times more likely to 
get something very rare is not much of a worry - X times something small 
is still typically small.

(Have not done 23andme yet, but will likely do it soonish. Next week I 
will start participating in a big longitudinal health study, which at 
least will keep an eye on my metabolic and cardiovascular health)

Anders Sandberg
Future of Humanity Institute
Oxford University

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