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On 2013-06-01 19:20, spike wrote:
>>... Low risk in every area except one, in which my risk is elevated by a 
> factor of about 8, damn.  But it was a good trade-off for being lower 
> risk for Alzheimers.

>...Exactly: not all risks are equal - we multiply the probability by a
different loss value for each of them. And being X times more likely to get
something very rare is not much of a worry - X times something small is
still typically small...

This one isn't that small: my risk goes from less than 1 percent to about 6
percent, and if untreated it is fatal.  But we have a treatment for it, as I
found out after I did some research.

The above sentence points out a great advantage of 23ing:  if you have an
elevated risk or a marker for something, you get online, read all the
latest, learn, study, figure out how to spot the early signs or take any
known preventive measures, perhaps saving your life.  

With cryonics, we are an oddball case: Alzheimer's is worse than inoperable
cancer in a way.

>...(Have not done 23andme yet, but will likely do it soonish. Next week I
will start participating in a big longitudinal health study, which at least
will keep an eye on my metabolic and cardiovascular health) -- Anders

Good I hope you do, Anders.  I suspect you and I are at least 6ths cousins.
I noticed how much of my ancestry was suggesting Swedish or Norwegian,
possibly Baltics.  I am intrigued by the one factor I came up 99th
percentile: high Neanderthal genes.  I know they weren't cavemen (researched
it today.)  But still, I like the idea of having a good scientific excuse
for acting like one.  

I want to start an online group for 2 sigma and above Neanderthal, and
perhaps another group for 2 sigma and below.  Then we get a local picnic
together with both groups, the highs wearing red tags and the lows wearing
blue, see if we can notice any differences between the highs and lows.
COOL!  Now THIS my friend is SCIENCE!  23AndMe is a true crowd-sourced
honest to evolution SCIENCE PROJECT!

Now come on guys, anyone here who can pop for a Charlie, get a spit-kit,
share with your own pals here your percent Neanderthal genes, for you are
among FRIENDS.  Let us take bumpy clubs, slay mastodon, roast, EAT, have
rock pounding contest, hunt for cavewomen, og!  (Hunt only, stop when find
them, Mrs. Neanderspike not allow more than that, enforce rule ith bumpy
club of her own.) 



Hey, just because it's real science doesn't mean we are not allowed to have
some fun with it.  {8^D

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