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>>>...I want to start an online group for 2 sigma and above Neanderthal, 
>and perhaps another group for 2 sigma and below...  {8^D  spike

>>... gather and observe the difference between the cavemen and the vexmen.


>... have a local picnic with high-risk-for-Hoerkheimer's Snarkoma and ...

WAIT, no, scratch that, bad idea.  You know what would happen.  Any event
like this always turns into a lonely hearts club.  Those of you who have
ever been to a Mensa gathering know exactly what I mean.  There are plenty
of people who might have high risk of HS but are happily married with
families.  They wouldn't come: they are busy with their families.  The Mensa
stuff is always a lot of fun, but I don't go to them either; I am busy with
the fam.  

So life filters the lonely hearts who are more likely to frequent
interesting oddball stuff like a picnic for HS riskies.  The result is as
foreseeable as the sunrise on a crystal-clear dawn: the riskies meet, like
each other, copulate, produce children with two copies of the HS genetics,
so no.  Let's just stop this line of reasoning right here.  NO HS PICNICS
please, or if so, no single women under the age of about 50 allowed, or if
so, no double HS-risky couples.

The opposite is true for the high Neanderthals: we can do picnics for them.
A few thousand years of that, we could resurrect an extinct subspecies of
humans, COOL!


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