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>>>...I want to start an online group for 2 sigma and above Neanderthal, 
>and perhaps another group for 2 sigma and below...  {8^D  spike

>>... gather and observe the difference between the cavemen and the vexmen.


>... have a local picnic with high-risk-for-Hoerkheimer's Snarkoma and ...
NO HS PICNICS please...
The opposite is true for the high Neanderthals: we can do picnics for

COSTUMES!  We could dress up like cave people, that would be a hoot!  Could
you imagine a picnic with most of the women dressed like Betty Rubble?
One-shoulder-bare tiger skin miniskirts, rrrrowwwwwsers, that would be kick
in the ass fun.


Note: replying to one's own post is allowed now, welcomed even.  If you have
an idea and think of a better one later before anyone else has replied, go
ahead with it: no one has complained since we started that policy.  s


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