[ExI] Space Gnats

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Thu Jun 6 16:36:30 UTC 2013

On Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 2:31 AM, Mike Dougherty wrote:
> Why do we have to erase the "original"?  People don't currently
> procreate then self-terminate.
> If you know the receiver will be subjective aeons removed from the
> local day-to-day, why wouldn't you treat "going there" as a legitimate
> reason to spawn?  The divergence of a thousand years should be ample
> time to appreciate your 'offspring' as a close friend with his or her
> own life, don't you think?  I like when someone across the Internet
> shares an idea I've had - that would be easier if we shared life
> experience to the moment I/we hit "send" to start a new adventure on
> the other side of the galaxy.  (communications would effectively be
> postcards from the edge in both directions)
> _________________

Spawning multiple copies is really a different discussion. :)

I can think of reasons not to create copies.  The computronium society
probably has laws about the subject. At least, to say that your
resources would have to be shared among all your copies, if not just
an outright ban. It would be too easy for a rogue mind to create
thousands of copies, so self protection of the other minds must exist.
If individual minds still exist, that is. There may just be one hive
mind in overall control that decides when a new explorer AI is needed.

Another point is that communication  between minds where one is
subjectively thousands of years behind in development may just not be
possible to any meaningful extent. In effect, they would be an alien


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