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 The transhumanity timeline
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Joanna Lobo <http://www.dnaindia.com/authors/joanna-lobo>

A chronological list of how transhumanity has evolved over the years.

*1927: *Julian Huxley, a biologist, coined the term for what he hoped would
be a new age of enlightenment: "transhumanism--man remaining man, but
transcending himself, by realising new possibilities of and for his human

*1962: *Robert Ettinger, a World War II veteran who became a physics
professor, published The Prospect of Immortality. He devised America's
first science experiment with immortality: cryonics. In 1972 he wrote that
instead of relying on cryonics to revive the dead, forthcoming technologies
might make death obsolete.

*1980's:* An Englishman named Max O'Connor/ More coined the term extropy
which was the tendency for things to speed up. He founded the Extropy

*1990:* He wrote an essay titled Transhumanism: Toward a Futurist
Philosophy and a journal Extropy: The journal of Transhumanist Thought.
Soon after, his Extropians began calling themselves transhumanists. The
institute shut down in later years but tranhumanism kept mutating.

*Today:* There is the World Transhumanist Association (now called
Humanity+), the Foresight Nanotech Institute in Menlo Park, the Singularity
Institute for Artificial Intelligence, the Methuselah Foundation that works
to extend biological life, the Immortality Institute advocates for
indefinite life extension technologies, the Lifeboat Foundation works to
alert the public about existential risks, the Institute for Ethics and
emerging Technologies, the Alcor Life Extension Foundation. Besides,
several countries have their own associations.

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