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> ** **
> >…give voice those who want to say "None of the above".****
> ** **
> We have that choice now.  We can write in a name of a person on the ballot.
> ****
> ** **
> >…  They come up with excuses and reasons if
> pressed - which is what most people assume all such excuses and
> reasons are…****
> Ja.  I thought of a good excuse for not voting other than laziness: one
> does not want to risk voting for the winner, then after the fact having
> that winner turn into a corrupt and inept disaster of a leader, a complete
> catastrophe.  I can imagine that feeling being very common after the events
> of the last couple months.
Yeah.  If you want to vote against those in power (at least in
the US), your best choice is to vote third party.  That way,
you will have actually voted, which is required for your voice
to be heard.

Trying to justify not voting at all simply fails, when you
measure by the amount of influencing and convincing it does.
It's as effective as trying to burn water as a protest to all this
oil burning, rather than burning alcohol or just using

And, really, are we not about promoting solutions that
actually work?

> ****
> Most of us realize the libertarians’ day is coming.  When they get in
> power, there is a risk they will forget their principles, fail to dismantle
> all the government power structures that have grown outside
> constitutionally legal bounds.  Always in my mind is the fear that they too
> will be as inept and corruptible as the democrats and republicans have
> become.
This is true, but it is highly likely they will at least break up
the entrenched interests in the mean time.  Even if they then
start to encrust new masters - just vote third party again
(because, by then, the libertarians won't be).  Maybe the
corruption can't (yet) be permanently banished, but we can
at least keep beating it down.
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