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Please define what "this" is.

But if it is what I think it is, you can
define some lesser milestone -
something you can achieve for only
$100K - and Kickstarter it.  If you are
successful, then use that funding to
achieve the milestone and build on that
success with another, larger Kickstarter.

You'll have to put in serious outreach to
make it.  I'd advise minimum 2 people
putting in 40 hour weeks just on
advertising the campaign (not splitting
time between that and any other duties)
for the full month, plus at least 20 hour
weeks (split between finding audiences
and crafting the campaign) for a month
before the campaign launches.  Also,
go for 1 month campaign at first: that
should be long enough to tell you're not
going to make it.

(Yeah, I know, there have been $1M+
Kickstarters, but you need SERIOUS
marketing talent for that - the folks who
take home six figures annually for their
marketing, not engineering, work - and I
suspect you only have engineers at this
point.  Even $100K might take more
marketing mojo than you currently have,
but it may be within reach. Despite
appearances, Kickstarter is not "just
post it and people will come"; that's
what most of the failed projects

On Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 6:50 AM, Eugen Leitl <eugen at leitl.org> wrote:

> This project could use some funding. Can you think of
> someone who can help?
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> Howdy,
> As far as I understand (Keith will correct me):
> 1) Keith "Lofstrom" invented the loop, but does not feel it is the
> best way these days. He will tell you why.
> 2) They will be launched, thousands or millions at a time, with
> traditional rocketry.
> 3) Line-of-site radio will be used, IIRC
> 4) Keith is studying nonlinear configurations which optimize various
> parameters, such as not disrupting the mating of corals and other
> crazy stuff
> 5) We need help with funding. If you want to help with that or if you
> know of people that would help fund the software and/or hardware
> required for this project, please put them in touch.
> Duke
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