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Anders Sandberg wrote: [Mon May 20 08:26:13 UTC 2013]

"I have been thinking about mid-term strategic goals for a while now. 
...achieving transhumanist aims requires getting involved in what can only be called politics."

"One approach might of course be to try for coming up with new, even more radical ideas. [...] Blowing minds attracts the swarmers and seekers, while repelling the doers and mainstream."

"Another approach is to focus. [...] Having people actually work out 
projects or theories in detail and getting supporters bringing them 
about or spreading the knowledge does matter."

"A third way, which I think has not happened much yet, is to deliberately look for a new transhumanist vision. [...] But where is the next
 liminal appearing? We want to be there and seed it.


Developing a new vision for transhumanist future requires a correct coherent view of which political model successfully generates growing economic investment and entrepreneurial creativity in technology.

That seems to be the debate which has raged since the early years of the industrial revolution.  My on and off discussions on various lists has lead me to believe that either a large minority or in fact the majority of people involved in extropy/transhumanism do not possess even a basic understanding of the fundamental foundations of economics.  That being the case most are not prepared to rationally discuss politics or the questions related to how do we get there from here.

That leaves the "doers" and the entrepreneurs to determine the future.  The extent to which they - and the economy they live in - can escape being micro-managed and second guessed by central planners will determine the extent and rate of progress.

Seed money is indeed important in developing the future.  The value of seed money is inversely proportional to the degree it is micro-managed and second guessed by central planners [private or public bean counters].  Throwing money at difficult problems is a complete waste if the solution is top-down rather than allowing creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit to work.  This simple fact seems to elude the vast majority of people and the management in large organizations - understandable since most have never been part of the creative process in developing new technology and have never understood the damage done by the top-down approach.

Side note:  I've also noticed many extropy/transhumanism supporters embracing what I can only call bad science/bad cosmology and politicized environmental science.  Care needs to be taken before investing so much in popular ideas without authentic foundations.

Dennis May
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