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On 2013 June 23 at 8:43:17 PM, Mike Dougherty (msd001 at gmail.com) wrote:

>… if you'd sacrifice any amount of your limited 
resources (time, money, etc) to keep a habitat of neanderthals alive 
and well in your backyard…



It isnt’ necessarily a sacrifice.  After I got my 23andMe results back and found I am 99th percentile in Neanderthal content, I have been trying to organize a local caveman picnic.  You know what happens in those kinds of events: they are lonely hearts clubs.  Nature takes its course the way nature does so very well, we eventually see offspring of even higher caveman content, then more picnics with those offspring, and eventually Neanderthal Man is among us again, vaguely analogous to collecting domestic dogs and from that group breeding wolves, the species from whence they came.  


No success on that yet, but don’t give up yet.


>… to keep a habitat of Neanderthals…


No special habitat needed.  I can easily envision the original Neanderthal Man being perfectly comfortable and content living in the suburbs with a car and a 9 to 5, attending local picnics with their cousins, etc.











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