[ExI] commie space junk nearly spoils our day

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Thu May 2 15:13:47 UTC 2013


Oy vey.  If these two satellites had had their own private cold war up
there, it would mean far more than a tragic loss of the Fermi GST.  If two
biggies like this collide, we could have that long-dreaded LEO
chain-reaction meltdown:




Russian space junk almost destroys NASA telescope

By Miriam Kramer

Published May 02, 2013

A high-tech NASA telescope in orbit escaped a potentially disastrous
collision with a Soviet-era Russian spy satellite last year in a close call
that highlights the growing threat of orbital debris around Earth.

NASA's $690 million Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope - which studies the most
powerful explosions in the universe - narrowly avoided a direct hit with the
defunct 1.5-ton Russian reconnaissance satellite Cosmos 1805 on April 3,
2012, space agency officials announced Tuesday, April 30. The potential
space collision was avoided when engineers commanded Fermi to fire its
thrusters in a critical dodging maneuver to move out of harm's way.

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