[ExI] Digital Consciousness

Gordon gts_2000 at yahoo.com
Sat May 4 07:47:34 UTC 2013

Anders Sandberg <anders at aleph.se> wrote:

On 04/05/2013 03:34, Gordon wrote

>>The basic problem as I see it, and as Anders pointed out and with which I agree, is that consciousness does not translate through the levels. 

> Just to clarify: I am sceptical about whether consciousness translates between levels, but I am also a functionalist who thinks you can get consciousness in simulations. So it would be real but private consciousness.

I think I understand your point of view, Anders, but maybe not. The difference between you and me might be that I stand here with my feet firmly planted in what I consider to be a non-simulated world. I don't see how I could regard digitally simulated consciousness as anything more than simulated. 

I consider it a great leap of faith, religious in nature, to say that digitally simulated consciousness is somehow real but private.

 >> If you believe the world itself is intrinsically digital, (and not merely describable in digital terms), then I think you have good reason to believe in strong AI and uploading.  

> I think this is a good point. 

I'm glad you think so, good sir.

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