[ExI] Redness comes from Context?

Kelly Anderson kellycoinguy at gmail.com
Mon May 6 23:11:34 UTC 2013

> Note, I'm not saying "a huge amount of memories, emotions, us perceiving
> it, and other stuff /in with 'redness'/", I'm saying "a huge amount of
> memories, emotions, us perceiving it, and other stuff IS 'redness'".
> Are you familiar with binaural beats, or moire patterns?  How about fluid
> vortices?  Or the patterns in a wheatfield when the wind blows?  These
> things all exist, but there is no way they could be described as 'elemental
> qualities'.  Or elemental anything.  Redness is like this, in my opinion.
>  *All* of our experiences are like this.

I'm with Ben here. Whatever the mental landscape is, it's ALL pretty much
the same sort of thing, and thinking of elemental qualia built up like LEGO
into beautiful thought patterns doesn't work for me because it has to be
the same ALL THE WAY DOWN.

> This paragraph illustrates that you didn't understand what I meant.
>  Forget "a simple elemental redness quality", there is no such thing.  I
> know it /feels/ like there is, but that's no guide.  Einstein's special
> theory of relativity feels wrong, too.  So does quantum theory.  It's tough
> that our instincts have evolved to cope with living on the savannah,
> chasing antelopes and avoiding lions.  We have to rely on logic to guide us
> on these more recent concerns.

Go Ben! We don't have the ability to understand (currently) the complexity
of what's going on in the brain to a very high degree of accuracy, but we
do see similar structures repeated over and over and over again. We see
these similar structures being repurposed in people with injuries or
blindness. Like the guy who learned to echo locate. Cool that the brain is
that plastic. Must mean there is simplicity buried inside the complexity
all the way down.

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