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On Sun, May 12, 2013  Gordon <gts_2000 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Someone online just a moment ago asserted that most people in that forum
could probably not name an any important living philosophers. I know of
several and named them. I thought it would be interesting to ask this same
question of my friends here on ExI. Who are the most important living
philosophers? And why?


The closest I can come is John Nash.  It isn't entirely clear to me if his
work was philosophy or traditional mathematics, two originally-separate
disciplines which are gradually merging.


Philosophy is one of those things where dying is almost a requirement for
recognition.  We refrain from naming buildings after living people, for
otherwise there is a constant risk of the honoree going off and doing some
silly thing.  Our philosophers are our modern society's RSPs (Royal Smart
Persons.)  We look collectively silly when our RSPs go off the track.  Note
that in general Nobel Prize winners have plenty of life left and plenty of
time for human foibles after the award has been presented.  You can likely
think of good examples of post-Nobel foibliness.






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