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On 2013-05-12 22:39, spike wrote:



>>.Nothing profound here, move along, just a little techno-fun and games:






I can imagine the Brits among us will have a chuckle or two.


>.Indeed, dear chap!

>.My brother and me spent a hilarious journey trying to use his fancy new
voice-controlled handsfree phone system in his car to call home. The noisy
road environment and Swedish accents did not work well with it.Anders

The part that had me howling was when the one feller suggests trying the
command with an American accent.

A bunch of years ago, we were at an ExI schmooze and Damien Broderick was
there.  Somebody got him started trying to do American accents.  The sounds
that came out of him were so funny we couldn't even eat our food.



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