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> >... On Behalf Of Eugen Leitl
> >...I've spent a few minutes digging, but it would be hard to trace, given
> it's way pre-web. You have to drill down into academic papers using the
> full quote...
> _______________________________________________
> We are in the process of becoming ever more comfortable with the notion of
> lumping everything pre-web as prehistory.  We could even imagine college
> majors in that, somewhere in the history department.
> A few years ago at the office, we were retiring file cabinets.  I had two
> cram-full filing cabinets scanned, but never used any of the scanned
> materials because I had no way to index any of it.  What we need is some
> way to read through all that material, some of which was hand-written, and
> create searchable files.  If all those scientific papers written before
> about mid 90s are not somehow ASCII archived, they are gone forever.
>  Everything anyone did before about mid 1990s will sink into irrelevance,
> waiting for some later person to rediscover it all.  Some of it, such as
> the space stuff, can never be reproduced, for we have not the launch
> capability now that we had then, nor the motive to recreate it.

If this is something you deeply care about, I would recommend that you get
both Omnipage and Paperport professional from www.nuance.com the industry
leader in OCR.

OCR is near and dear to my heart as it was the topic of my incomplete
Master's Thesis. Nobody has yet developed the software I envisioned then.
Too bad. I'm sure it will happen sometime though, but even if what I wanted
to do wasn't implemented (it had to do with forms processing) what you want
to do is more than adequately covered by the above products.

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