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Tue May 14 04:41:44 UTC 2013

We OCRed all of it.  The results were better than nothing, not great.  A lot
of what I had left in my filing cabinet were hand-written notes from
meetings.  In the form they existed, they were not accessible anyway, so I
guess it was no real loss.


>.Was it hand written stuff, or printed stuff? When did you last try OCR
with the best available package? Was a partial index better than nothing?






It was a mix of handwritten and printed stuff.  The OCR produced a mixed bag
of results, some of it surprising.  We had cases where the OCR failed in
printed material that scanned well.  So we ended up keeping PDFs of the
stuff and doing our best with the indexing.  I don't suppose it really
matters anyway: it is clear enough to me that the knowledge needed for
building a satellite is being ever more encoded in specialty software
packages.  We don't really need to maintain human knowledge of the physics
and chemistry behind it all if our software knows it well enough.



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